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HERO TECH NUTRITION KRILL is a product based on lipid extract from the crustacean krill of the Antarctic (Euphasia superba).

60 Capsules

HERO TECH NUTRITION KRILL contains astaxanthin which allows the krill oil to be more stable and its duration longer. Our lipid extract of krill from the Antarctic has some unique properties due to its content in phospholipids and astaxanthins which favors the reduction in joint inflammation and pain. They also have a high antioxidant action and a high capacity against high cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Krill oil is recommended for people suffering from fatty liver or diabetes. Krill is also very useful for women who want to become pregnant, are in the menopause phase or suffer from osteoporosis. The dose that we recommend is 2 capsules with a daily total of 1000 mg which is the correct dose to obtain the benefits mentioned above.

Lipid extract of the Antarctic krill crustacean (Euphasia superba), bovine gelatin, humectant (glycerol). ALLERGENS: Contains crustaceans. WARNINGS: Store in a cool, dry place. Heat and sunlight may damage the bottle. Keep out of the reach of children. Use this product in conjunction with food as part of a healthy, balanced diet, not as a substitute for such. Don’t exceed the recommended daily dosage.

Take a daily dose (2 capsules) distributed with meals.

Recommended daily dose: 2 capsules
Dose per container: 30


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